Thursday, July 16, 2009

mama hen

I just love this mama hen!!

She flew the coop and hatched out her baby's all by her self!

It took her weeks of going back and forth from her nest hidden in the woods to the coop to get her self food and water.

But she did it, she hatched her eggs!!

And her baby's are so beautiful!

She has two tan ones with black circles around there eyes they will grow up to look like mama hen.
And she has black one that must look like the daddy because he does not look like her!

Can you see him? hehe

Have a great week end!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Misses y'all

I have missed blogging soooooooo much!!!
These last few weeks have been CRAZY!!

My Graduation party was last Sunday (6-28-09)

And we were sooooooooo busy running around with last min things.
My Grandmother has been down from Alaska visiting us since the grad party. :D

I will be starting our community college this fall for an art degree.


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