Thursday, July 26, 2007


These flowers were at the store they are dahlias here is a link to some Pretty pictures of dahlia's
Wow they sure are pretty!

Mom and Sophie planted some flowers in our wheelbarrow garden. The flowers are from the art walk the directors had a bunch left over and gave some to us vendors :o)
Sophie's sporting a lovely sparkle leotard. :D

Were you see dirt Mom planted lettuce, lavender and bachelor button flowers. It sure looks pretty! :D

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gearing up for school

So this fall when school starts I will be taking a photo class plus American history at the high school.
I love taking photos so the photography class sounds like a fun one. I also love history so that class should be a blast too!
A lady from the art gala told me that the photography class takes lots of field trips so Yay me.

I got that cute pen/pencil holder too!
I put all the peache folders in binder with some paper and dividers.
I'm all ready for history and photo class!

I got the peache folders wall-mart for .88 cents each!
They are so cute but I don't think I *needed* four! hehehe! :o)

Hahaha... This bunny was so cute I had to get him! :o)
But to my defense on the inside there is a ruler!

Well tata!


Hiya I'm going to talk to yall about my crafting! Yay!!!
Soooo here is a picture of my booth from the Artwalk Me and my Mom went to on Sat.

I love the necklaces that this sweet lady makes I traded her one of my pictures for a heart necklace like the rainbow one you see hanging in this picture

This is a picture of my necklace...It is sooo pretty!

Well talk to you all later!