Thursday, February 21, 2008

Family picture

Go over to this Blog and enter your family picture you could win a TOS magazine subscription.

Here is my family picture it is from Oct when we went to Niagara falls with my Grandpa (My Mom's Dad)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tessa! : )
Glad you stopped by. I haven't heard from you in forever. Thanks for entering my contest... which picture are you entering? I am going to have people vote on them so I need one that you want to put in. lmk.

So you're blogging regularly here then? I have been checking your HSB blog but no updates.

Miss Jocelyn

Christina said...

Oh my... when I looked at that first photo I thought the little girl with the red ponytails was my Hannah! Stop by my blog... they do look like they could be sisters!

Jacque said...

Nice pictures Tessa. What a privilege to spend time like that with your Grandpa!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tessa! Thank you for entering my contest... I haven't announced the winner yet, but I will. : )