Thursday, October 30, 2008

What has been going on :D

I sooo dislike it when I get behind on posting!

Buckle up because here we go...

I had my first sale last week at my etsy shop!!! :o)
I sold a set of 3 of my Boo Boo kits

I have redone almost my whole shop with my
awesome new camera that my grandma sent me :D

I have been trading for some Christmas gifts at Etsy.

I got to visit my friend at her new house with my family. We had a blast!

Me, Aliss and Kyla

Zack and Johnathan going to shoot cans.
Us being goofy as usual

I found out that the pain I some times feel in the side of my mouth is because I have compacted wisdom teeth.

Sooooooooooo when I go in in a few weeks to get some fillings, they are going to pull the two out on that side.
I guess I am going to get some Goofy Medication that will make me not care where I am, Smart guy I do not like the dentist. ( but who does lol)

TTFN I have to go hit the hay :o)


lissilulu said...

That was a very fun day and good job on your first sale.

~ April ~ said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Can I come spend the day with you? Sounds like you guys have so much fun! :) (You actually remind me of my sister who is also 17... I'm 23 btw).

Congrats on your first Etsy sale! How exciting! Here's to many more!

I love the idea of your Boo Boo Kits. As a momma of 2 toddlers, we could definitely use a few (dozen LOL) of those around here. *hearts you*.

Anyways, I'll stop writing a novel on your comments, hehe.