Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Awesomeness from etsy 4. alliteration

To day I am showing alliteration's shop!

These cute little deer are pink ... well that is obvious... But the point is she also has them in orange, green and blue!!
I Asked for them for Christmas... and my Mom got them for me! :D

These little deer are not pink... Well that is obvious as well! But they are super cute!

She also has.... get this FLYING PIGS!



mattscraftywife said...

Awe, those are so super cute! I love them. Great feature :)

Princess Daffy said...

OH! Flying pigs are my FAVES!!! Such cute littele earrings -thanks for sharing!
xoxoxox, Daffy :o)

whatsinthebox said...

i love her shop! i noticed it first from an add on the craftcult... she has ADORABLE things!!! looks like you made out like a BANDIT this xmas :D

Marie said...

Alliteration's earings are soo cute! I love her cow ones SO adorable!! Thanks for sharing!


kelsey_f said...

wow, I have those deer with the big eyes in blue!! and then I also got the little brown deer you showed. great minds think alike! ;) anddddd then I have the Wall-e and Eve ones!!! love 'em! :)

.Macri.Photography. said...

beyond cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!

BorneoDiva said...

soo kawaii cute :)