Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dentist trip

**Do not read if you are scared of the dentist!!!**

When I was at the Dentist getting my root canal tooth rebuilt so they could cap it., I have a temp cap on now.

They also filled a cavity and pull a tooth to make room for a wisdom tooth.

I was given a sleepy pill that made me tipsy, sleepy and emotional.

I was a bit camera happy there... I won't show you some of the photos I took!

Tools, light and my X-ray

Thing in my mouth, look at Sophie pointing at me haha

Me in the dentist mirror, my feet



Kathleen said...

too funny, Tessa! a camera to the dentist's office! LOL! I even did a post about 'don't leave your camera behind', but I never thought about taking one to the dentist! LOL!

SleightGirl said...

I used to be terrified of the dentist until my current one introduced me to laughing gas...after a couple of deep breaths I'm still scared, but I just don't care.

Kim said...

EEk, I hate the dentist. I had to get a crown recently and it was awful...the worst part is the mouth numbing.

LillyShayStyle said...

lol, I've never heard of taking your camera to the dentist, what fun that could be!
(Loving the socks!)
And you were so right, its ShadeJewelry!

ARUNA said...

oh iam terrified of the dentist even now!!!A camera to the dentist office was too funny........nice post!

Tessa said...

Eek! I have to go to the dentist next week...

So cool that you brought your camera! :)