Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Me and Aliss are being foster moms for Mini cow (girl: white, black spots) and Charlie(boy: black, little white).

The group c.a.r.a takes stray cats and gets them fixed then releases them and are try9ing to have a no kill shelter.
One of the cats that was going to get fixed had kittens with
her so we are raising them till they are big enough to get fixed and adopted.

I was up with the 2 foster kittens at 5:30 this morning, they decided that they had slept long enough and threw litter all over there cage because they wanted out!

in the food? yes!

in the water? Yes!

in the bed? yes!

So I got them out for a hour then they fell back to sleep haha silly babies :)




We got another batch of siblings:

Ginger (girl: stripes) Professor (boy: all black)
Both FLUFFY rolly polys hehe



mattscraftywife said...

AWE! They are adorable! I love the one with them looking at the camera and their paws are wrapped around each other ;)

Graceful Moments said...

Good for you, taking in those sweet little babies! I love the pic with your sister reading to the black and white kitty. They are all so cute but I love the gray tabby...reminds me of a very wild kitten child I had a young girl.