Thursday, July 26, 2007


These flowers were at the store they are dahlias here is a link to some Pretty pictures of dahlia's
Wow they sure are pretty!

Mom and Sophie planted some flowers in our wheelbarrow garden. The flowers are from the art walk the directors had a bunch left over and gave some to us vendors :o)
Sophie's sporting a lovely sparkle leotard. :D

Were you see dirt Mom planted lettuce, lavender and bachelor button flowers. It sure looks pretty! :D


Lissilulu said...

Wow...Sophie sure looks cute but I am lost for words about my hairdo. LOL!

Thanks for coming over and joining in the handbag give-away Tes.

Lissilulu said...

cant wait til that lettuce and flowers come up.
Sophie and I had such a fun time planning and planting.
Love you,