Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gearing up for school

So this fall when school starts I will be taking a photo class plus American history at the high school.
I love taking photos so the photography class sounds like a fun one. I also love history so that class should be a blast too!
A lady from the art gala told me that the photography class takes lots of field trips so Yay me.

I got that cute pen/pencil holder too!
I put all the peache folders in binder with some paper and dividers.
I'm all ready for history and photo class!

I got the peache folders wall-mart for .88 cents each!
They are so cute but I don't think I *needed* four! hehehe! :o)

Hahaha... This bunny was so cute I had to get him! :o)
But to my defense on the inside there is a ruler!

Well tata!

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Lissilulu said...

very cute folders Tessa...I cant wait for you to be able to take Photography either. :o)